Liferay DXP Cloud
Created Liferay Cloud company, also led engineering and business strategies from the start of the project until now, where it has become ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified and a multi-million dollar company in less than two years. Liferay DXP Cloud brings the benefits of Liferay DXP to the cloud, significantly lessening the need for IT to maintain and manage their infrastructures so they can focus on delivering new services for the business.
Liferay Portal
One of the first employees and contributors of Liferay Portal led multi-disciplinary engineering teams and projects, helped the company to grow to 1,000 employees without private investors or VCs.
Created WeDeploy and led business and engineering teams from the start of the project until the end. WeDeploy is a cloud platform that gives developers the infrastructure, services, and hosting capabilities required to build, launch, and scale their applications quickly.
Created tracking.js JavaScript library that brings to the web Computer Vision tracking techniques. Through natural interactions from object tracking, color markers, among others, allows the development of interfaces and games through a simple and intuitive API.
Still listed between the top ten project contributors, led the development of few core components and website. jQuery UI is a curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery Library.
jQuery Simulate
Created jQuery Simulate plugin, this library allows simulating user interaction using mouse and key events. It also pioneered and popularized unit-functional testing that simulates mouse and keyboard events, like “mousedown”.
Co-created AlloyUI JavaScript framework based on YUI3 from Yahoo. It provides a consistent API and components for building web applications across all three levels of the browser: structure, style, and behavior. Still active and used by big enterprise companies.
Created Metal.js JavaScript library. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use JavaScript framework that lets you create components with ease, thanks to its integration with templating languages. It uses Soy templates and Incremental DOM to efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.
Created Senna.js JavaScript library. It is a fast Single Page Application engine that provides several low-level APIs to build and manage routing and navigation for modern web-based applications.
Custom Elements
Contributed to the initial idea and implementation of a Web Components gallery for modern web applications.
Contributed to the initial idea and implementation of, it catalogs a set of web platform APIs & components.
Guarana UI: a jQuery-Based UI Library for Nokia WRT
Created Nokia Guarana JavaScript library, it is a jQuery-based set of customizable UI elements, application frameworks, and templates that can be used for the creation of user interfaces in Nokia's Web Runtime platform.
Created NodeGH, a GitHub command line tool to boost developer productivity & automate tasks when working with GitHub, all from the comfort of your CLI.
Incremental DOM String
Created Incremental DOM String helper library to allow server-side rendering of applications written for the original Google's browser version.
YUI Library
In partnership with Yahoo! engineers, led the development of few components into the YUI ecosystem, such as the resize module and utilities. In a presentation at Yahoo, I presented a talk about the dozens of high-quality, YUI 3-based components contributed to the YUI 3 Gallery.

“My ability to compromise and maintain a positive attitude along with a true passion in providing the best results on my work - has allowed me to complete projects successfully.”